(december 2002)


   This is my first serious and personal animation short. I did other ones before, but believe me if I tell you that it's better for you not to watch them, they're absolutely horrible.


   This short had a previous version, but I didn't like the global aspect that it had, specially lightning, so I started to improve the quality of the image, and after several months working on the conversion to 16:9 format, and after making a whole post production work (that was never done before for this short), I finally completed one of my favourite personal works. Several aspects have been modified to improve the quality of the film (ilumination, cameras, animation, music, sceneries...), but the story is exactly the same as the in first version. 

Enjoy it!!!



Full animation short


    It's six minutes long, so I hope you are patient enough to download it all. The music is an original soundtrack created and performed by me, excepting a little heavy metal piece composed and played by Jacobo Caballero.



Download (36 Mb) - MPEG4


To download just rightclick on the links and 'save target as'


 1'45'' piece


     If you're not able to download such a enormous amount of bytes of the full short, enjoy a small piece of it at least!!


High quality (12 Mb) - MPEG4


To download just rightclick on the links and 'save target as'

Facial animation tests


These are the main facial tests for the main characters in “Bicho” animation short. Click on the images to download.



All videos and images are © 2003 Enrique Gato