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Created during the beta testing process of Max 7 in CICE, this model was thought to be used for teaching facial animation. The animatable model will be available in a few days. Meanwhile take a look to this animation test.



Download the model

English version (units: inches)

(3D Studio Max 7 required)   

Versión española (unid.: centímetros)

(necesario 3D Studio Max 7)

Don't forget reading the tutorial

No olvides leer el tutorial

Animation test

download (2 Mb - DivX)

(right click and save target as)


MaxTennis v1.0


This is a little Maxscript videogame I made using the 3Dsmax' viewport engine. The game in fact it's quite stupid, I know, but it's a good example to show some of the capabilities of the language. Max 6.0 or higher needed.


Note: Run 3D Studio Max, click on "MAXScript > Run Script" and load the file you downloaded.


Download English version           Descargar versión en Español