about this tutorial

    I didn't want this tutorial to have direct relation with the tools I used to create the animation short. My idea is to show you all the steps followed to make the animation and make you understand that no matters the software you want to use (Max, Softimage, Maya...), because now adays most of the tools are good enough to get very good results, so just select the one you like more.


    My only intention with this tutorial is to explain all the diferent parts involved in the creation of an animation short, and show you the decitions taken for the particular case of "Superlópez". I think this is more useful than telling you all the particular techniques related to the programs I used for the short.

 starting the short

   The origin of this short was unexpected. When I started modelling the character I wasn't thinking about making an animation short, I just wanted to make a small animation with Superlópez, just for fun, he's always been my favourite comic character. But when I had that little 15 seconds animation, I thought that it wasn't enough, I needed to do something bigger with him, and that was the moment when the big robot being born from a small and insignificant ball came to my mind. So, with the main objetive of including this two characters in a story, I started to work very hard.

 the script

    It was evidence that I didn't want to think in a complex script, I didn't want to involve the characters in a trascendental story, but make a tipical context of any of the comics. I wanted a story that any fan of Superlópez could asociate with him, so taking into acount that I wanted the robot in that story, I thought that the best thing I could do were to make them fighting. That was going to be the main idea for the short, so I ordered the ideas and structured the script in four different parts: introduction for Superlópez, introduction for the robot, fight and ending.


    When I finished working on all this different parts was when I started to think about a good way to introduce and finish de short, and I achieved the idea of the comic in the room, so that I could show the inmersive story contained in the book.


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SuperLópez making of - november 2003